Collection: Grout

Concrete grouting for polished concrete can be challenging as every concrete floor is different and requires a different process or product accordingly. At All Preparation Equipment, our line of concrete grout provides an easier install option to help efficiently fill pinholes, minor cracks, or areas where aggregate has pulled out from the grind. Shop the range of our polished concrete grout repair products below or call the team to discuss your project requirement at 1800 422 992.


When mechanically polishing concrete floors a grouting process is required to help full the pin holes, aggregate sections or minor crack and repairs. By grouting correctly you can ensure the finished product looks the best it can before you begin densifying and polishing the floor with resin polishing pads. Pyrafix Grout is a polymer style grout and used in the diamond grinding process with a 120 grit metal bond diamond or sometimes 50 grit resin polishing pad to create a paste that helps to fill the pin holes effectively. Other products such as the Nano Cement Grout is ideal for super fine pin holes, small air voids, aggregate pull outs or other imperfections in the floor. Not sure what the best polished concrete grout is for your project? Call All Preparation Equipment to discuss your project requirement further, 1800 422 992.