Collection: Dust Shrouds

When you are needing better on-tool dust extraction when grinding, cutting, repairing surfaces or polishing, using a dust collector is essential. Our complete range of Dust Shrouds, Covers and Casings help control the amount of dust created onsite. Each shroud can connect to a vacuum cleaning system to ensure optimal dust extraction & no airborne dust while you're working onsite. 

The TileDuster Dust collector shroud is one of the most popular amongst tiling contractors when cutting or profiling ceramic, porcelain, or marble tiles before installation.

Combine On-Tool Dust Extraction with an Air scrubber like the range of Dust Control Air Cubes to create a safe working space for yourself and your workers. New Regulations coming to effect in May 2023 will mean On-tool dust extraction and Air scrubbers will be required on all work sites in order to keep dangerous Silica Dust from becoming air-borne. 

Control your workplace dust straight from the source with All Preparation Equipment’s inventory of on-tool dust extraction systems, including dust shrouds for grinders and vacuum attachments for Jackhammers. When used in conjunction with your existing air purifying system or air scrubber, dust shrouds, dust covers, and dust casings can mitigate health risk hazards regarding airborne contaminants.

We have a full range of dust collector shrouds that can easily catch all the dust particles produced by your power tools and equipment and can also be hooked up directly to your industrial vacuum unit to effectively control airborne dust, whether you’re working with concrete, tile or wood.

We currently offer versatile models for your equipment, including the APE 100mm Edge Snub Nose Grinder Dust Shroud with Velcro Rubber Skirt, the Holer 125mm Composite Dust Shroud with Edging Flap, a 125mm Crack Chaser Dust Shroud, and the APE 125mm Angle Grinder Dust Shroud with Floating Velcro Skirt.

Our inventory also includes the Holer 180mm Professional Composite Dust Shroud, a 175mm Snub Nose Dust Shroud, the Holer Premium 180mm Aluminium Dust Shroud, the 230mm Crack Chaser, the AirCHASER 125mm and the 230mm with Aerodynamic Nozzle, and the 125mm and 230mm shrouds from AirDUSTER, which features an open breathing design.

Additionally, you can also turn to us for replacements and peripherals, such as the AquaDUSTER 162mm slurry collector and replacement neckpieces for the Holer 125mm and Holer 180mm.

While dust shrouds are not necessarily hard to come by, purchasing them from All Preparation Equipment presents its unique benefits. From our 24/7 web order and customer service to same-say dispatching and lifetime support services, partnering up with all preparation equipment means that you’ll always have industry experts looking after your best interests.

Please get in touch with us today for any enquiry that you might have. We are more than eager to assist you with choosing the right on-tool dust extraction system for your specific equipment.